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Friday Phone Dump

06262015 phone dump1

1) Prepare for lots of puppy photos haha  We’ve been trying to get Bozeman used to the water since we want him to go kayaking and such with us, it turns out those geese were just what he needed to get him to jump into the lake.

2) My sweet friend, Heather, hosted a dinner at the yoga studio and it was so delicious.  We had an amazing salad and a vegan tomato soup with crunchy chickpeas–I wish she could cook for me every day!  We talked about health and wellness and lots of good food.

06262015 phone dump2

3) Maddy and I took Bozeman to Hoboken, and while he was super hot on the front porch, I think he had a good time haha

4) I got to see the sunrise through my dining room window for the first time in awhile this weekend.  It was charming except for the fact that it was so early!

06262015 phone dump3

5) I caught the circus on it’s way out of town while waiting at a red light :)

6) Bozeman asking me to play instead of work.

06262015 phone dump4

7) My friend, Cassidy, was a bridesmaid in the wedding I shot this weekend so I grabbed this shot of her holding the bouquets haha

8) Colin’s cousin also got married this weekend, it was so beautiful!

06262015 phone dump5

9-11) More shots from Grant and Carrie’s wedding, I loved that all the flowers were wildflowers picked earlier that day, and all the cousins were there!

06262015 phone dump6

12) More water pup joys

13) Oh man our friend, Danielle, decided to bless us by cooking us dinner for our date night this week.  It was so sweet of her, and the food was delicious!

06262015 phone dump7

14) Almond milk art :)

15) A man and his pup–love evening walks with these two

This weekend I have another wedding and we’re prepping for our Chicago trip next week!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Friday Phone Dump

This has been a crazy-long week in the best way!  We got a puppy this weekend, so that’s made everything else pretty exciting :) Colin and I were a little concerned that adding a dog to our busy schedules would result in chaos, but it’s actually helped us form a routine and slow our schedules down.  Sooo I guess what I’m saying is…puppies are magic.  Yeah, we’ll go with that.

06192015 phone dump1

1) Rainy Friday vibes.  Cuppies for the win as usual.

2) Maddy helped out the KatieBugs crew for Live on the Plaza last weekend, so we obviously had to document her serving me my (amazingly delicious) sno cone!  I got blackberry lavender with coconut cream.  SO GOOD.

06192015 phone dump2

3-4) Meet our new puppy, Bozeman!  He’s named after Bozeman, Montana–which is where Colin and I went on our honeymoon.  He’s a 6-month-old Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix, and we love him so much!  I met him at the Adopt Ugly event put on by the Bella Foundation.  Such a sweetie :)

06192015 phone dump3

5-7) We had a photo shoot this week for the ladies on the leadership for the Changed Retreat!  If you haven’t already signed up to attend the Fall Retreat, and you’re a woman who’s 18 or older, click on the link to get signed up!  These women are truly amazing examples of what it means to follow Jesus with your whole heart.  They are true beauties, and it’s an honor to get to serve with them at these retreats.  It was also an honor to get to capture some of their lovely spirits during this photo shoot.  There’s nothing quite like playing in a field with horses and a flower crown to remind you that you are a princess in your soul.  More photos to come.

06192015 phone dump4

8) After our photo shoot, Amber had us all over to her house for homemade ice cream and games.  Homegirl has hospitality down.

9) Bozeman resting while on a walk, so cute!

06192015 phone dump5

10) Date night = homemade pizza with basil that we grew.  Yeah that’s right, we’re doing pretty well at this gardening thing so far haha

11)  Our Chicago trip is coming up, so we had a skype meeting with the Sean’s and their significant others this week.  I’m so excited for this trip!

This weekend I have 2 weddings and some father’s day festivities!  Woohoo!  Feel free to share any exciting plans you have in the comments if you’d like :)

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Amber Austin - What a fun time it was “frolicking” through the fields dodging piles of you know what. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and making us feel so comfortable.
PS love the idea of the phone dump!!!June 19, 2015 – 8:09 AM

Friday Phone Dump

“As God is forming me into a more whole and free woman, I’ve begun to realize that freedom and healing aren’t just so I can have exquisite friends, dwell in a peaceful home, attend an amazing church, make a comfortable salary, and eat [organic] chicken.  These are sublime blessings, but Christ has made us whole for far more than our own earthly comforts and pleasures.  Essentially, wholness is not the end but the very beginning, because wholeness allows us to give much more of our hearts, possessions, time, wisdom, money, friendship, and love away–a part of my Christianity that had been lacking”

Kelly Minter, Nehemiah:  A Heart that can Break

06112015 phone dump1

1) I got to see both of my bests this weekend, which was a blessing as always.  Somehow I forgot to take a pic with Beth…oops.  Sorry Beth!  Anyway, I had a lovely chat with Chelsea at Cuppies–the first time I got to see her since her wedding!  We were both wearing striped dresses…so that’s a thing haha  Great minds think alike :)

2) The only pic I got from my wine date with Bethany!  We tried out Pelotòn, a European wine bar in Automobile Alley, and we loved it.  Great conversation and great wine = happy heart.

06112015 phone dump2

3-4)  Colin and I have been really good about taking the tandem bike out to Lake Hefner, even with our crazy schedules.  Our usual spot is flooded :( so it’s nice to get out to the water on the bike instead!

06112015 phone dump3

5) My friend, Rachel, and I tried out Fulfilled Coffee in Edmond this weekend.  It was a little fancy for my taste, but they had great coffee and a really cute patio!

6) I like to listen to audio books while I edit photos, so I’ve been re-listening to the Harry Potter series (surprise surprise).  I took a break from editing one morning this week to start reading The Prisoner of Azkaban in actual book form (way more fun).  I love this note from Ron “don’t let the Muggles get you down

06112015 phone dump4

7) Summer selfie haha, I love morning coffee with this gem :)

8) Day lilies are pretty, we have them in our front garden and I love them!

06112015 phone dump5

9) I started this Bible study yesterday morning, and it felt like a breath of fresh air.  Kelly Minter has some wisdom and anointing, that’s for sure.  It’s always amazing to me how perfectly God brings things in and out of my life at just the right time.

10) Afternoon donut and tea…yummmmm

This weekend we have some relaxing to do–I can’t wait.

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Newborn: Everett James

Our sweet friends, Jamie and Stephanie, brought this little guy into the world in the Spring!  It’s always cool/weird/sad posting newborn photos several weeks after they were taken, because babies grow so fast!  Everett is already so much bigger now than he was when we took these.  I guess that’s why photos are special to have though.  Anyway, Everett James, welcome to the world.


The matching outfit with his daddy…and the glasses.  It’s all too much!  I can’t handle the cuteness!


Jamie is a huge fan of the Barcelona FC, so whenever we found out Everett was a born, Colin decided to get him this tiny Messi jersey.  The cutest.


Stephanie and Jamie, we miss you guys already, but we’ll come visit you in Tulsa!  Tell Everett we said hi!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Friday Phone Dump

Oh the feeling comes to me again
The feeling to give up and to give in
The feeling that I’ve already lost the war
But a pure heart is worth waiting for

Get behind me, all you little fears
Get behind me, all you wasted years
Get behind me, everything I’ve done wrong
Pure eyes are coming with the dawn

I’ve decided to face this mountain
Stare them down between the eyes
I’m not running from this mountain of mine
I’ve decided to face this mountain
To stand up to the mountain tonight
I believe you could move this mountainside

The Mountain by Jon Foreman

06052015 phonoe dump1

1) Have you seen this floating staircase?  Haha, I’ve driven by it several times, but I hadn’t gotten to stop and take a photo until this week when Maddy wanted to play with her new camera!  Such a cool art installation :)

2) This YL essential oil blend has been a lifesaver this week!  I’ve had lots of sore muscles between shooting, editing, and teaching yoga…so it’s deep relief is much needed (see what I did there? haha).  I haven’t talked about it much anywhere, but I’m really loving my essential oils!  It’s nice to have natural remedies for most of the ailments I deal with (allergies, pain, upset stomach, headache, etc) instead of having to use medicine every time.


3) We watched this sunset like it was an episode of our favorite TV show.  It was one of those that makes you feel blessed to have witnessed something so beautiful, like a great wedding or a baby’s first steps.  Good stuff.

06052015 phonoe dump2

4) Warm weather makes me want all the mexican food.  Like, give me sangria and a huge bowl of pico and guacamole and tacos and fajitas and stuffed tomatoes and ALL THE MEXICAN FOOD!   Haha, anyway, this photo is of the design on one of the walls at Big Truck (my favorite mexican place in town), where you will find me most summer evenings.

5) Summer Summer Summer

06052015 phonoe dump3

6-7) Colin and I busted out the tandem bike this week for a little spin around Lake Hefner.  I’m hoping we’ll remember to do this way more often this summer than we did last summer!  It’s such a fun way to get outside, exercise, and spend time together.  BAM. Three birds with one stone.  Not that anyone’s trying to kill birds around here or anything…yeah.

This weekend I have another wedding and hopefully some more outside time!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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