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Friday Phone Dump

05222015 phone dump1

1) Sprinkles on Cuppies….it’s all too much.

2) Also at Cuppies, messy tables are signs of good coffee dates :) Beth and I got to meet up this week, and it was lovely as usual.

05222015 phone dump2

3-4)  Colin and I went kayaking this weekend, and it made me excited for Summer.  Especially since we stopped to get sno-cones from KatieBug’s when we were done.  Yay warm weather!  Though it’s actually been cooler this week, so a few more days before the warm I think.

05222015 phone dump4

5) The plants outside our house decided that flowers would be a good idea haha.  They’ve never grown stalks out of the middle of them before

05222015 phone dump5

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Mini Adventure: Wandering Photo Shoot

Colin and I haven’t done a photo shoot since our wedding, which was about 2 1/2 years ago!  To me, that’s way to long not to have someone follow you around with a camera for a few hours, so I’ve been wanting to take some photos to capture this season of our lives for awhile now.  My friend, Kourtni, has been itching to get back into photography, and she’s been looking for people to take photos of…

I guess you can probably see where this is going haha

Cue up all the real good love songs.  You know, the ones that make you believe in fairytales and riding in cars with the windows down and sunsets and forever-no-matter-what and cheesy movies and all that mushy stuff.  I don’t know if you have a true love story or if you have ever heard one, but I thank Jesus every day (and still not often enough) that I get to be a part of this one.  Colin is my constant reminder of who my God is.  When I look at him, I’m reminded that my God is faithful, that He answers prayer and changes hearts, and that He constantly pursues us.  I’m reminded of all these qualities of my Savior because of the way I watched God move in our lives from the beginning of our story.  Maybe I’ll share more of that story here sometime, but for now, I’m cherishing these sweet moments captured by a dear friend.


These next couple of shots remind me of this song.


I’m thankful for Jesus, and for that sweet husband of mine :)

Also, thanks again, Kourtni, for capturing us so well!

His Truly,

Mary O.

ps–Colin’s expression below is real life most of our days haha


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Lynn Daum - Wonderful!! I can’t believe you’re wedding was two years ago already!! xoxo…..from, your mom’s cousin in KCMay 20, 2015 – 1:46 PM

Friday Phone Dump

My favorite musical artist, Jon Foreman, is coming out with a new series of EPs soon…and my mind is kind of blown.  He also released his former EPs (which were my favorites in high school and remain my favorites to this day) on Spotify, so you should go listen to all of them!  My favorites (as if I could really choose favorites here) are Southbound Train, Behind Your Eyes, Your Love is Strong, and I Am Still Running. Anyway, not important, but I’m pretty excited about these new songs.  That guy has a way of writing songs that I feel as if I’ve always known even when I hear them for the first time.  Beautiful stuff.

05152015 phone dump1

1) Hoboken got some pretty new plants–swooning over here.

2) This has been a very rainy couple of weeks to say the least.  Colin and I were at the ATM during a particularly heavy downpour, and our windshield looked like this.  It felt like we were in a car wash haha

05152015 phone dump2

3-4)  Our friends, Sean and Sheila, were in town on Saturday, so we went to brunch and the mall with them!  They live in Houston, so it’s always nice when we actually get to spend time with them.  It turns out Brian and I were matching (if only I had worn my Keds too haha) in our vests, so obviously we needed a photo.  Also, Blake and Sean are both goofy, but put them together and…oh man.

05152015 phone dump3

5) Kourtni snapped this of Colin and I when we went to the drive-in theater this weekend.  We don’t do stuff like that often enough, it was so fun!

6) Pretty mornings at Cuppies :)

05152015 phone dump4

7-8) I got to practice by myself at the yoga studio earlier this week since the class I was subbing for got rained out.  It was a really lovely experience with Jesus.

This weekend we’re going to hang out with my family in Tulsa, I’m pretty excited!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Austin, TX 2015

Get ready, this is going to be a long post full of bright colors, pretty plants, and delicious food!  Colin and I went to Austin (the best thing that ever happened to Texas…in my opinion haha) a couple weekends ago for a photo shoot.  While we were there, of course, we enjoyed exploring the city and eating lots of amazing food!  I also got to make a new friend, so that was awesome :)  Here’s my documentation of our trip!


I didn’t get to snap as many good pictures of our AirBnb apartment this time like I did for our trip to Santa Fe, but rest assured it was still a great experience!  We stayed in a duplex that was very cute and fun.  The best part about renting a space like that is getting to stay in a neighborhood.  Colin and I love to ride our bikes and go for walks, and it’s always interesting to do those things in a new place.  It really makes us feel like locals :)


^ My parents gave me an Instax Mini camera for my 25th birthday, and this trip was my first time I got to play with it–so fun!


After taking an initial walk through our neighborhood, we went downtown to grab dinner at La Condesa.  WOWOWOW!  It was so amazing, and we will definitely be eating there again.  We got their seasonal guacamole, which had pomegranate seeds and queso fresco mixed in.  It was dreamy.  For our meal we ordered their Chile Relleno (like nothing you’ve ever had before), and their Coliflor a la Plancha (cauliflower steak) which was so spicy and amazing I wish I was eating it right now.  Thank you, Anne Marie and Jimmy for recommending La Condesa to us!


After dinner, we walked around downtown (in the rain), and wound up at this little FroYo place for dessert–look at the decorations on the walls!


Per recommendation of my friend, Amanda, we biked to brunch at Kerbey Lane for our first morning there.  We had to wait outside for about 20 minutes before our table was ready, but man was the food good.  I had the Paris Texas Platter (with the green sauce), which is Migas and French Toast.  I was a pretty happy camper.


^ Anywhere bottomless coffee is involved is usually a good place to be.

Speaking of coffee, after shopping I met up with my new friend, Holly Crabtree, at Houndstooth Coffee!  Holly and I are both friends with Kourtni, so she set us up on a “blind friend date” and it was lovely.  She is the sweetest (and she’s super talented…seriously), and Houndstooth was awesome.


Austin has a Patagonia store….so obviously we spent some time in there.  I mean, come on.


While I was at coffee with Holly, Colin was driving around exploring.  He came across this awesome park at the top of a hill, and he took me there to snap some photos before dinner–it was so beautiful!


^ I found all the celebrity mansions…woah.


For dinner, we got Kimchi Fries (YUM) and guacamole from Chi’Lantro.  They were amazing.  I want to go on a tour of every restaurant in Austin that serves guacamole and sample them all.  I could eat it all. day. long.  Anyway, we took our food to Zilker Park for a little picnic!


That evening, I was in charge of an epic photo booth at a gorgeous wedding!  It was so fun, and that wedding was seriously great.  More photo booth shots to come.


The next morning, before church, we ate at the Blue Dahlia Bistro.  They have mostly French food, and everything we ate was mouthwatering delicious.  Colin ordered crepes with chocolate sauce, I got the frittata, and we split it all in half.  So. Good.


Church at The Austin Stone.  I have no words to describe how great it was to be there.  What an amazing community of believers serving our God and their city.   We loved everything.


Since church was in Austin High School, and the school backs up to the Colorado River, Colin and I spent a long time sitting on this bench and soaking it all in.  Next time, we are definitely going swimming/kayaking/stand up paddle boarding or something while we’re there!  Such a great oasis.


We had to finish our trip with a sweet treat, so we stopped again at La Patisserie for some macaroon’s (and a photo by the “Greetings from Austin” wall)


We love you, Austin!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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