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Friday Phone Dump

“Jesus.  His name felt like every question and every answer.”

Sarah Bessey // Out of Sorts

07282016 phone dump1

1-2) We got to spend last weekend relaxing by the river in small-town USA, and it was lovely :) I’m so thankful to have these people in my life, and I’m so thankful to have a place to get away to from the city every once in awhile.  Oklahoma, you’re grand!


3) One of my favorite parts of going for a walk in the evening is getting to see the sunset–especially when it looks like this.

07282016 phone dump2

4) Details from backyard yoga sessions :)

5) Window-sill inspiration

07282016 phone dump3

6-7)  I got to spend a few sweet moments at Cuppies yesterday reading my library book (so good), chat with my sweet friend Sally via FaceTime, and enjoy the morning light.  In case you couldn’t tell, it’s been a quiet week around here, and I really like it that way!  Things will start moving quickly again soon enough, but for now we’re enjoying the slow moments.

Happy Weekend, friends!  I hope it’s lovely :)



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Friday Phone Dump

07222016 phone dump1

1) I try to take at least one photo every time we have my yoga class outside, because it’s just so beautiful out there!  This was my view at the end of class last week :)

2) Ohhhhhh my goodness.  I barely have words for this.  Colin and I finally tried Cafe Kacao on Saturday and it blew our minds!  I want to go back and try everything on the menu (so I will probably do that in the near future).  Also, a big shout out to my friend, Maddy, who told me about their Mexican cold brew that changed my life forever.  It’s infused with canela (Mexican cinnamon) and vanilla and it’s so fantastic I can barely stand it!


3) Views from the downtown OKC library!  Colin and I hung out there for a little while after breakfast on Saturday.  It’s so cool!  If anyone wants to do a photo shoot in there, let me know :)  Anyways, we had fun reading bits of history books (mostly about Alexander Hamilton for me….we should make amazing musicals about every historical figure) and wandering through the aisles of opinions and wisdom and stories.

07222016 phone dump2

4) So Brian and I showed up to the wedding we shot on Saturday, and we were delightfully surprised to see our friends, Tabitha and Katie, there!  We had no clue they would be there, but it was so great to see them–especially since we don’t get to see them regularly anymore :(

5) mmmmmmm pretty mugs and quiet mornings sipping on hot tea

07222016 phone dump3

6) WARNING: the following lyrics are from Hamilton, it’s taken over my brain, so I would suggest you go listen to it and let it take over your brain too ;)  There’s been a lot of hard stuff going on in the world recently, and sometimes you just need to listen to raps about the founding of our country to make it all better for a little while.  Also, they are selling collecter’s editions of Common Sense at Barnes and Noble…I didn’t get one yet mostly because I’m afraid I’ll start singing this song every time I see it…like I did at the store the other day…

“I’ve been reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine

So men say that I’m intense or I’m insane

You want a revolution?  I want a revelation

so listen to my declaration:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal

and when I meet Thomas Jefferson (huh)

Im’ ‘a compel him to include women in the sequel (WORK!)”

7)  Bozeman wanted Colin to snuggle with him while he was sitting on the floor a few nights ago–melt my heart haha

Here’s to the weekend!  Go do something fun, even if it’s sitting on your couch with a good book and some ice cream :)



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Friday Phone Dump

“My head is aching like a riot
40 days in the desert pain
When I hear the lies I don’t buy it
Still looking for the desert rain and I
Fight the fire with the fire
I want to taste your love again and I
Let the flood rise higher
Wash the doubt away

But now I’m praying for rain
I want to make that change
I got your blood in my veins
Like holy water”

Switchfoot // Holy Water

Guys, Switchfoot’s new album is incredible.  Colin and I are so excited to see them play live in November!

07152016 phone dump1

1) Lakeside Holy Yoga is one of my favorite parts of Summer!  Thanks to my friend, Vanessa for snapping this photo of me :) I need to keep practicing my dancer pose–I’ve been slacking on it recently!

2) When Cuppies posted on Instagram that they were serving chocolate croissants last Friday, I knew I had to head over and enjoy one…it was perfect.


3) Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one that went to Cuppies that day!  I got to join Danielle, Kourtni, and Steph at a table where we brought all of our best books and conversation.  My heart is full. (Thanks to Steph for letting me steal her photo!)

07152016 phone dump2

4-6) We got to try the new Sunnyside Diner this weekend, and it was yummy!  I loved all of their branding, and it was nice that they were just keeping things simple–basic diner food done really well.  Also they have breakfast potatoes and bottomless coffee soooooo yes :)

07152016 phone dump3

7) Haha, I snapped this photo of some of our friends running across the street to Sonic after we had Lifegroup on Sunday.  I think it looks cool with the balloons and the colors of their shirts #artsy

8) Ok, Colin and I had a lot of fun listening to national anthems of several different countries the other night.  I think it’s pretty funny that I’ve known England’s (God Save the Queen) since elementary school, but I learned it with words that were specific to America!  So ironic–“My Country Tis of Thee” anyone?


9) These lovely ladies came to my afternoon yoga class this week!

07152016 phone dump4

10) You can’t really tell, but this is a bowl of Mac and Cheese!  I finally tried the dairy free (actually it’s vegan and gluten free if you’re looking for that kind of thing) cheese sauce from The Loaded Bowl food truck, and I’m in love.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to eat a bowl of Mac and Cheese without feeling sick (I’m lactose intolerant), so this was a great joy for me!  The red pepper flakes, grilled chicken, and grilled veggies made it pretty great too–so shout out to Colin for those :)

11) I took a break from cooking for a second and Bozeman came straight over to sleep on my feet…dogs.


12) Confetti in the sky!

07152016 phone dump5

13) Haha so we haven’t gotten into the Pokemon Go thing, but we did walk around with Blake and Brian to help Brian get some more creds or eggs hatched or however that works.  I wanted to take a group selfie, and this was the best one we got…

14) Drinking tea, listening to jazz, and reading by a window while it rained outside–that’s high on my list of favorite aesthetics.

15) This creek is one of Bozeman’s and my favorite spots these days, especially yesterday since we had a cool front blow through and it felt like 75 degrees outside!

This weekend I’m shooting a wedding, and other than that we’ll probably just be boring introverts haha

I hope your weekend is lovely and restful!



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Portraits: Amanda Moore

Hello Friends!

Today I want to show you a few shots from a spontaneous session I did with my sweet friend, Amanda back in April.  We shot at high noon…so it’s pretty bright, but we had so much fun, and I hadn’t seen Amanda in almost a year before this, so it was lovely to catch up with her!  You may recognize her as the owner + designer at Amanda Moore Designs–she’s pretty hardcore :)


If you want to see more work I’ve done with her, check out these links 1, 2, 3, 4.  Love you, Amanda!

Happy Wednesday, everyone :)



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Kimberly Anglin - Love these pics and both of you girls! I can’t believe it’s already been over a year since I’ve seen you both! Glad to see all is going well!July 13, 2016 – 12:51 PM

Friday Phone Dump

“You hold on to yourself
You’re afraid that you might
Get left behind

And so you hide your eyes
You’re afraid that the light
Will make you blind

But it’s time
It’s time to shine
Yes it’s time to believe in what you know”

Alexi Murdoch // Shine


1) Half stormy skies are so cool!

07082016 phone dump1

2-3) Our neighbors seriously have the best yards/gardens.  These were snapped on a walk with Bozeman this week :)


4) Look at this teeny tiny pineapple, you guys!  Isn’t it adorable?!

07082016 phone dump2

5-6) Haha, Brian and I shot a wedding on the 3rd, and this is what happened when we tried to play with the photo booth and selfie stick…but then decided to just do an old fashioned selfie.  I laugh every time I see these!

07082016 phone dump3
7) On our way to Tulsa for the 4th!  Bozeman loves wearing his bandana :)

8) We didn’t plan on matching, but Em and I ended up wearing almost the exact same outfit #cousinlife


9) My aunt always has the loveliest potted plants in her yard–look at these little cuties!

07082016 phone dump4

10) Love this guy, and America :)

11) Matthew Sanderlin is my spirit animal.  This kid will rule the world one day, I tell you!


12) Like I said, he will rule the world hahahaha

07082016 phone dump5

13) How adorable are these flamingo cup holders?  My family knows how to do Independence Day haha

14) All the Crepe Myrtles have been blooming these days, I love that they seem to come in every shade of pink!


15) We came back to OKC to watch fireworks with Brian and his family, though we were a little bummed because something went wrong during the show.  Apparently two people were injured, so that was scary, but I’m glad they’re ok!  Anyway, I still love these people and America even though we only saw half of a fireworks show :)

07082016 phone dump6

16) Independence Day celebrations tired this pup out for the whole week haha

17) Sweet Danielle made Bozeman some treats shaped like squirrels this week!  He loves them, thanks Danielle!

07082016 phone dump7

18) Afternoons at the park with Bozeman are lovely and reeeeeeeally hot these days

19) I got to experience Oak & Ore for the first time this week!  I enjoyed trying a few different kinds of beer (including a chocolate one!)–so fun!

This weekend we will be doing chores and hanging out with friends!  I hope your weekend is magical :)



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