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Friday Phone Dump

This week has been so long!  It seems crazy to me that today is Friday, because it’s felt like Friday almost every day since Sunday haha

3 Cheers for a long weekend though!

82914 phone dump

1) There’s a pizza place close enough for us to walk to for dinner, so Colin and I went there this weekend and stuffed ourselves completely full!  I took a few photos of Colin afterward, and he wasn’t very happy with his own modeling skills.  He says this face is “grumpy” and his smiling ones were “too cheesy” but I’m posting this one anyway :)

2) My friend, Amanda, is an art teacher so everything she does is cute and awesome.  Case and point: I got her wedding invitation in the mail yesterday and every piece of it was magical.  Even the stamps were darling, which is all you get to see here since her invitations have her information on them…sorry!

3) My friend, Lauren, started a book club this month and we met for the first time this week.  We read The Glass Castle and had a lovely discussion about it!  I would seriously recommend this book if you enjoy nonfiction, drama, psychology, or just good writing.

4) The Duolingo app is seriously great, guys.  I’m feeling really good about my French skills so far!  Also, sometimes it just speaks the truth, am I right?  J’aime mon cafe fort fort fort.

5) I like to drink my coffee out of this lens mug on days when I know I’ll be editing all day.  I wrapped up a wedding this week, which always means long editing hours, so this mug makes me feel extra legit when I need the motivation :)

6) I finally got my new bag from the Noonday Collection!  Follow the link to learn their story–it’s a pretty amazing organization.  And this bag is pretty cute, no?  I’m excited about it at least, especially knowing that through buying it I got to support a good cause.

Enjoy your long weekend!  Take some time for quiet, adventure, and those you love.

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Exploring Guthrie

One part of the new things happening around here is my friend, Maddy!  She is going to be in charge of my social media from now on, which is pretty great for a lot of reasons.  First of all, I’m not exactly a social media wiz.  This adds to my “old lady” status that I’ve already been building I guess haha!  Also though, Maddy is a social media wiz of sorts (especially compared to me).  If you don’t already follow me on social media, all of my links are in my bio at the top of this page.  Also, be on the lookout for more exciting things there!

Anyways, all of that being said, Maddy and I have been and will continue to meet pretty regularly to coordinate stuff (also, she’s pretty cool)!  She’s in Stillwater and I’m in OKC (which if you’re from Oklahoma, you can probably see where I’m going with this), so we just have to meet at Hoboken in Guthrie as the halfway point.  It’s a tough life ;)

Last time we met up, we also went on a little photography spree since she had a new camera to play with, so I grabbed some morning shots of this lovely shop as well as some fun details as we wondered around downtown–it was great!


ps–Hoboken’s gorgeous logo was designed by Emmadime, who is just great.



Guthrie has so much character!  I love all the little splashes of color.


^^That’s Maddy!




Happy Wednesday!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Mini Adventure: Kayaking

Today marks the beginning of a new series of projects that have to do with this blog!  I’ve been finding my focus and sorting my priorities and getting really excited about what’s up ahead!  You should be too, by the way :)

Last week we got to take our kayaks out for a tiny adventure, and it was lovely!  I definitely love the long adventures like road trips and hiking trips and all-day exploring dates, but I also love the little adventures.  I love squeezing an adventure into an evening or a free couple of hours, because even though I’m only spending a small amount of time doing something fun, it’s better than whatever less fun thing I would  have been doing during the same amount of time.  We made it out just in time to watch the sun set over the water and catch the magical deep orange and blue that it’s remnants make on the water before everything goes dark.


These are all phone photos…because I’m still too chicken to bring my real camera out on the water.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this adventure of mine–now go have your own adventure!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Friday Phone Dump

Every once in awhile I set out to find inspiration, and it seems to fall down on me in a bigger way than I ever could have asked for.  This week was that for me, and I’m so looking forward to some of the changes and new things coming up with my business, this blog, and my life in general!  The Lord is so good and faithful, and I can’t wait to live out the next part of His plan for me.

82214 phone dump

1) OKC got a West Elm store!  Chelsea and I stopped by there to look at all the pretty things, and we both loved this wall art at the back of the store.  From far away it looks like a very textured painting, but when you get up close, you can see that it’s actually paint with yarn suspended over it.  It was so cool!

2) Speaking of Chelsea, she was in OKC for a bit so us three college roommates were reunited once again :)  It was lovely to catch up over good food, but mostly I wish I could see them all the time!  Also, apparently we all got the grey shirt memo for this photo haha

3) I’ve been reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls for a few weeks now, and I’m almost done!  This particular reading session was at Aspen Coffee in Edmond, which was delicious as usual.  Ps–they have yesterday’s baked goods for half price every day!

4) My mom and I co-hosted a bridal shower for my cousin this weekend, so I had fun crafting some details and making food!  I’m so excited about her wedding in October!

5-7) I also shot a proposal in the Myriad Gardens this weekend!  Colin and I rode our bikes there, and though it was exhausting (thank you Oklahoma heat), it was a blast!  The gardens are such a great spot downtown, and I can’t wait for all the new development to come in the future.

8) Lazy afternoon snack= peaches.  Yum!

9) A few of my friends started working at a brand new coffee shop in Edmond called Compass Coffee!  Colin and I stopped by this week to try it, and it was so delicious–I will definitely be going back.  Also, it’s fun to see my friends at work!

Have an amazing weekend!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Home Tour: The Office

It’s officially that “back-to-school” time of year, which still gets me all eager to sharpen pencils and plan study groups.  I find this super ironic, since I was never particularly fond of school while I was in it.  There’s just something about the excitement that comes with a new school year though, am I right?

I have quite a few friends who are still in college or grad school, and it’s been interesting for me to see their posts on Instagram and chat with them about their class schedules and extra curricular activities.  Though I’m so so happy and thankful to be finished with my college career, there are so many parts of my experience that I wish I could still be experiencing!  The quirky but flexible schedules, the hours of coffee shop studying/chatting/panicking about deadlines, the football and basketball games, the dance parties with my roommates…and really just my roommates and other friends: I miss it all!

Anyway, one of my favorite parts about college was moving around so much.  I lived in a new place every year, and I loved the challenge of taking a new space and making it my own.  Decorating is something I’ve always loved, and it’s definitely one of the ways I express myself best.  There are a couple of rental houses I lived in toward the end of college that hold such fond memories, I frequently choke up when I think of them–so lovely.

Today I thought it would be appropriate to show you a bit of my current work space!  It’s constantly changing, so if you see any photos of it even this weekend it could look different.  This is my office though–my little space to be creative.  It’s where I spend most of my time these days, and I really adore it.  At the end of this post I have some photos of my old dorm rooms and college houses for your enjoyment as well, so get excited about that :)


I should also mention that this isn’t exactly a full room tour.  The other half of the room has lots more books, a big comfy chair, and lots of messiness that I’m not ready to broadcast to the world yet…be patient with me!  Haha


This window sill is easily one of my favorite spots in our whole house, and that’s definitely saying something.


That concludes this little peek into my world!  There’s more of that to come for sure :)

His Truly,

Mary O.

ps–let’s step back in time, shall we?

 Here, we have my very first dorm room at OCU.  It was so tiny!  Also, notice my affinity for color and chaos…which mostly hasn’t changed.



And here we have my second dorm room–at OSU!  I loved everything about this room, though I am still shocked when I think about how much stuff I crammed in it.


I had an apartment after my dorm room, which I know have photos of, they are just nowhere to be found.  Anyway, though this last one is from the house where Colin proposed to me.  That’s just one of the lovely memories I have from living there!  Good times :)  Also, my room was like a treehouse, which was awesome.

IMG_6387 copy

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