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Friday Phone Dump

08282015 phone dump 1
Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

1-3) Colin and I took Bozeman to The Paseo to walk around for a bit this weekend!  It was a great time, lovely weather, sunshine, and most of the galleries there allow pets to come inside, so that was fun too!  I love how it looks just like Santa Fe–it takes me back to my one of my favorite places every time I visit :)

08282015 phone dump2

4-5) Bethany’s dog, Riley loves to swim.  We’ve been trying to get Bozeman to swim more since he’s a little skiddish, so we took him to the lake to play with Riley and see her swim after the ball over and over haha.  He did a little better, but I don’t think he’ll be playing fetch in the water anytime soon!

08282015 phone dump3

6-7) Guys.   I made pumpkin granola.  In August.  What can I say?  We had another 60 degree day and it just felt right hahaha

08282015 phone dump4

8-9) Puppy snapshots :)

08282015 phone dump5

10-11)  I got to help out at the Sisters event last night, and it was a blast!  I worked with Mikal and some lovely volunteers to represent the Changed Retreat (which is coming up soon, so you’d better sign up!)  It’s an honor to do life with these ladies, and boy did Amy Groeschel bring. it.  with her message.  So good.

This weekend we’ll be celebrating our friend, Blake’s 25th birthday!

Happy Friday, friends!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Friday Phone Dump

But we don’t get to wait to offer our lives until we have our acts together.  We don’t get that luxury.  If we did, would anyone ever feel like offering anything?  God asks us to be vulnerable.  He invites us to share and give in our weaknesses.  He wants us to offer the beauty that he has given us even when we are keenly aware that it is not all we wish it were.  He wants us to trust him. […] What have we to offer, really, other than who we are and what God has been pouring into our lives?  It was not by accident that you were born; it was not by chance that you have the desires you do.  The Victorious Trinity has planned on your being here now, ‘for such a time as this’ (Esther 4:14).  We need you.

–John and Stasi Eldredge, Captivating

08212015 phone dump1

1) Oh my gosh, my heart is so happy because of this photo!  Bethany brought her dog, Riley, over this weekend to play with Bozeman, and they were instant best friends :)  Well, Riley probably took a little longer to warm up to Bozeman, but that makes me laugh even more because of how it parallels Beth’s and my friendship perfectly! haha!  Anyway, it was sweet to have them play together, because I feel like Riley is kind of my puppy too since I lived with her when she was little bitty.

2) Laundry day is crazy, but it feels good to hear things being cleaned when light is pouring through the windows.

08212015 phone dump2

3) A detail of Cuppies I don’t get very often, as I don’t typically sit in the very front room by the fireplace.  I sat there this week with Beth though, and I just love this little basket of wood and evergreens.  Cold weather, get here quick!

4) Speaking of cold weather, we had a random 60 degree day this week!  What?!  I know.  Kelsey and I celebrated by sitting outside and drinking our coffee, shivering and loving it.  Fall and Winter for the win.

Well, that was sure exciting!  I’m pretty sure this is the shortest phone dump I’ve ever done.  Haha, thanks for stopping by today–I hope your weekend is fantastic!  We’ll be checking off some to-do list items in preparation for a very busy Fall.  I say bring it on :)

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Road Trip 2015: Chicago Day Two

Well, this is the last post I’ll be doing from our trip to Chicago–thanks for staying with me!  Today’s photos are from the 4th of July, which you can probably tell from all the red, white, and blue haha

One of the few things I planned to do in Chicago was visit Heritage Bicycles, and boy am I glad we did!  If you know me at all, you can see that it wasn’t a stretch for me to be interested in this place.  I mean they make their own bicycles and their own coffee.  What. A. Dream.

I also probably took more photos here than anywhere else on our trip!  Guys, I really like coffee and I really like bikes.


^ I will definitely be making that chandelier at some point in my life.  Also, how adorable are those black and white signs?  All the heart-eye emojis over here.



Anyway, we made our way downtown after a lovely morning at Heritage, where we stopped at Intelligentsia (Brian’s choice, and I got zero photos…fail on my part, sorry!) before meeting up with the rest of the group in Millennium Park.  We proceeded to walk around downtown a bit before heading back up to “our” neighborhood for dinner and relaxing.


^ Oh, the bean :)


So, when we first met the owner of our VRBO place, he said something like “this neighborhood’s the coolest…and the best Korean food in Chicago is at the end of the block!”  We thought that was an interesting bit of information, and it was made even more interesting when we walked by said Korean restaurant and noticed that there was always a line out the door to eat there.  At one point, Blake asked all the people standing in line if it was the best place in town and they all cheered, so we got the idea that this was a pretty good choice for our last dinner.

We were so right.


The waitress yelled at us for taking photos inside, so I only got this one of all the sides that came with our amazing marinated beef.  Rest assured it was fantastic though, and shout out to the Korean family from Minnesota who told us what to order!

After dinner, we went back to our house for mimosas and backyard hangs before Colin and I left to watch fireworks.


We took the bus to Montrose Beach, which ended up working out perfectly!  It was really beautiful, and we just set up our lawn chairs along the shore of the lake with everyone else.  From our spot we caught about 5 fireworks shows, including the one at the Navy Pier!  Most of them weren’t the closest to us, but it was still a really cool experience!


I didn’t get any photos of the fireworks (because I was busy watching them), but to give you an idea of where we are here, the above photo is looking South toward downtown, and the strip of lights on the left is the Navy Pier :)

So the next morning we packed up our things and headed out of town :( We had to stop one more time (in the parking lot of a Whole Foods haha) to get a good shot of the city, but after that we spent the rest of the day driving!


 Bye, Chicago!  Be back soon :)

Happy Wednesday, friends.

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Friday Phone Dump

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

08142015 phone dump1

1-2) Kourtni and I went to work and explore in Norman last weekend!  We had a good time sharing creative ideas and walking around in the (sweltering) heat to explore downtown.  I mentioned last week that I love Gray Owl Coffee, and it was fun to go there twice in one week!

08142015 phone dump2
08142015 phone dump3

3-6) We finally took the kayaks out this weekend, which was the first time this summer we’ve been able to!  It was hot, but it was nice to be out on the water :)  Also, Colin tried to get Bozeman to sit in the kayak with him…which worked for a little while, but then he got scared and swam back to shore.  Bozeman, not Colin haha

08142015 phone dump4

7) Pretty things at the Urban Agrarian Shop :)

8) Happy 25th Birthday, Blake!  We celebrated Blake’s birthday this weekend, I know I always say it, but it’s crazy how time flies.  It just doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were celebrating his birthday last year!

08142015 phone dump5

9) I finally got some more coffee photos printed for our wall!  I hung one of them, but I need to get some more frames before I hang more.  I love having this collection, because there is a theme among the photos (they’re all of coffee), but each of them represents a different moment in time or season of life or place I’ve been.  love.

10) You weren’t going to get out of this phone dump without a puppy picture, I mean, come on.

08142015 phone dump6

11) This is the “after” photo for our newly organized office that I promised a couple of weeks ago!  Our house is officially the cleanest it has been since we moved in almost 3 years ago…which is a little sad, but whatever, we live here!  Living makes a mess!

12) I grabbed this shot of the new Oklahoman building when Colin and I took Bozeman for a walk downtown this week.  It’s crazy to think we had Brian’s surprise dance party on the roof of that building almost exactly 2 years ago.  It’s so different now!

08142015 phone dump7

13) We had a slight cool front come in this week, so I got to enjoy my breakfast in our backyard for the first time since Spring.  As if I wasn’t excited enough for Fall already, I’m feeling pretty ready for sweaters and baking now!

14) “And God gave them rest on all sides, as He has solemnly vowed to their ancestors.” Man I’ve been praying for that rest, and I love that our God is faithful to answer prayer because I need it!

08142015 phone dump8
Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

15-17) I got to help set up for an awesome event my yoga studio put on in support of missions through Holy Yoga International!  It was on the rooftop of Coffee Slingers, and they had Holy Yoga, live worship, and lots of awesome door prizes.  So cool!

Happy Weekend!  I hope it’s awesome.

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Road Trip 2015: Chicago Day One


So sorry it’s taken me so long to get you this post!  It’s here today though, so that’s what counts, right?  Haha

As you saw in my last road trip post, we spent our second day in Madison hiking in Devil’s Lake State Park.  After we came back to Madison to pack and shower, we drove the almost 3 hour trip to Chicago.  We made it with enough time to check into our VRBO place and walk over to Lou Malnati’s for some excellent deep dish pizza!  One of their locations was literally 2 doors down from where we stayed, so we could literally smell pizza from our backyard…oh my gosh I couldn’t live right there!


I got a salad in addition to my pizza (both were amazing), so I was only able to eat 2 slices, but The Lou was amazing.

The next morning, Colin and I woke up early to take a walk around our adorable neighborhood.  I was so charmed by it all, the tall skinny houses, the old trees…and the smell of pizza everywhere (insert heart eyes emoji here).  Here is the backyard of the place we stayed in–it was perfect for our group of 7 (we had 9 total, but 7 of us stayed in the same place):


After grabbing Colin some coffee to-go, he and Blake headed to Wrigley Field so they could be there super early and bask in the excitement that they were in their favorite place haha.  They are both huge Cubs fans!  Below are a couple of Colin’s photos from the early hours before the baseball game.


^^ Couldn’t make it out without a Chicago Dog and a beer!

Haha, while they were at the stadium, the rest of us went to breakfast at Julius Meinl, a european coffee shop and cafe chain that was pretty delicious and very classy!


After breakfast, we all walked to Wrigley Field to meet Colin and Blake.  I always enjoy walking around new places, because it helps me get a feel for them that I can’t always get when driving!  Danielle and I loved walking underneath the L tracks…and by loved I mean we were good until a train went over us…that was a little scary! Haha


  It was a little busier in front of Wrigley when we made it there :)  It was sure a beautiful day for baseball though.


^ We finally got a photo of the whole 5!


^ Obligatory tourist selfie haha

Anyway, after the game we relaxed for a bit before taking the L downtown for a fancy Italian dinner before heading to a Second City show.  I had never heard of Second City before this trip, but it’s basically a comedy club where many comedians and actors get started in their careers before moving on to other shows like SNL.  A few of the actors/actresses they have hosted at Second City are Steve Carell, Jim and John Belushi, Chris Farley, and Tina Fey!  The show we saw was hilarious overall, though there were definitely some parts that I didn’t love.  I’m glad we went though!


After the show we came back to our place so we could get some sleep.  Here’s a night shot from our front steps.


I’ll show you the rest of the trip next week!  For now, happy Wednesday!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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