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Senior: Cassidy

Today’s post is short but sweet.  My friend, Cassidy’s, birthday was on Monday (so was my mom’s…happy late birthday, mom!), which reminded me that I never posted any of her senior photos!

Cass recently graduated college, and will be starting graduate school soon!  We had a little senior shoot back in the Spring to commemorate this transitioning chapter of her life, and here are a few of my favorite shots we got.


Thanks for joining me today!

The happiest of Wednesdays to you and yours :)

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Amanda Moore Designs

Today I’m so excited to introduce you all to one of my closest friends, Amanda Moore!  Amanda is not only one of the most tender-hearted people I’ve ever met, but she also happens to be an amazingly talented fashion designer…what?!  I know, how cool is that?

She’s been rocking the fashion world with Amanda Moore Designs since 2013–and I’ve had the pleasure of being her photographer (and model…yes) since then!  Today, she’s graciously agreed to do a short interview while I post photos from our most recent shoot.  You can shop all of these styles on her website,


Oh, and that’s her in the photo above…and yes, that’s me in the photos below.  I told you, she sometimes has me model!  All photos of me were taken by Amanda.  She also dressed me, so if you’re wondering why I don’t look that good every day, it’s because I don’t live with Amanda!

Anyway, without further adieu, let’s hear from Miss Amanda Moore!


Me: Tell me about yourself in 3 sentences: go!

AMD: I love Jesus. I’m inspired by the little things. I love being around other people! 


Me: Ok, now tell me about the dream behind Amanda Moore Designs (AMD)! 

AMD: Amanda Moore Designs™, LLC is a Christian based company with the focus of ministering to others by sharing the Gospel through fashion design. My desire is to create beautiful things that reflect a purpose and meaning, leading everything back to my Savior. My dream for AMD is to minister and I want to encourage young women to be strong, confident, and to not be afraid to take that risk. For continual growth and exposure, being able to travel the US and showcase my designs, and ultimately have a brand that is known for go-to women’s apparel.


Me: What inspires you creatively?

AMD: There are times where I base my design ideas off of what recent trend reports are saying, the styles you see out while shopping, and I like to look at what people choose to wear during the seasons – I take all of that into part when designing. My goal in designing is to create designer ready-to-wear pieces, at affordable prices, that can easily be added to your wardrobe.


Me: What has been the most challenging part of running your fashion business so far?  The most rewarding?

AMD:  Most Challenging - The biggest challenge is gaining exposure. My company now has customers ALL across the USA, but exposure is key and that takes time.

Most rewarding- Seeing how the Lord keeps opening up doors for AMD. Seeing my customers SO HAPPY in their AMD is by far the BEST feeling and reward I could ask for! I love it!


Me: Let’s say I have a dream I’d like to follow–what advice do you have for me?

AMD: Pray about it. I believe wholeheartedly that God gives us the desires of our hearts. As it says in Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of you heart.” and having the ability to follow through with that is something you will never ever regret. Don’t be afraid of taking that risk. Be encouraged and enjoy the journey. It will not always be easy, but it will be worth it.


Me: What are your favorite colors right now?

AMD: Okay…I love black! It’s so chic and I find myself wearing it so often! I have found myself clinging onto lots of WHITE tops (like my new white lace godet top!) everyone needs a good solid white blouse – whether it’s all lace or just solid white. Pair with some amazingly adorable jewelry, a great lip color, and you are set.


Me: Tell me about what’s coming soon for AMD?

AMD: You will find AMD now at the PLAZA DISTRICT IN OKC!!! AT “Out On A Limb Boutique” AND I will be a featured designer in the fashion segment for the Sept/Oct Issue of “Beautifully You” Magazine.  AHHHH!!


Me: If you were an animal, what would you be?

AMD: Baha —- idk! A puppy because they’re so cute!


Me: Celebrity crush?

AMD: OH MY GOSH I have always thought Dermont Mulroney was GORGROUS! In the Wedding date – omg.  Also, hello – Theo James! So so so cute!


Me: Who’s style inspires you most?

AMD: Olivia Palermo has a great sense of style!


Me: What are your hobbies?

AMD: I LOVE to paint! Be with my friends – go shopping – lunch dates with besties


Me: Go-to snacks?

AMD: Double stuffed Oreos! And chocolate chip cookies! 


Thanks, Amanda!

Isn’t she precious?  I’m so inspired by her passion for Jesus and making her dreams come true.  Also, in case you need another reason to think Amanda’s great, you should know that she made my wedding dress!  You heard me.  It was technically made from my old prom dress, but she made it awesome.  Because she’s awesome.

Thanks for reading today, and don’t forget to go shop Amanda’s designs!  This shirt is my favorite of the Spring/Summer line–so comfy and cute!

His Truly,

Mary O.

ps–If you want to find Amanda on social media, she’s on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram

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Friday Phone Dump

Happy Friday!

72414 phone dump

1) Bethany and I met up at a diner that’s sort of between our houses (I can’t believe she’s only 20 minutes away now!) this weekend, and I accidentally made this “happy plate” with my bacon and syrup.  We were in the middle of a conversation when I noticed it and I just started laughing.  I mean, look at him!

2) My best friend from childhood and her husband stopped by Oklahoma on their way across the country!  It’s been years since we’ve seen either of them, and now they have a baby on the way!  We came by the shower to celebrate baby Paisley, and we had a great time catching up with everyone :)

3) I got to have breakfast at Kitchen 324 with my friend, Chelsea Rose, this week!  She recently moved to Texas, so it was so fun getting to see her since it doesn’t happen very often anymore.

4) My friends, Tabitha and Alissa, and I have started a tradition of taking an afternoon each week to work from Cuppies and Joe.  If you know me at all, you know I hardly need an excuse to go there!  It’s been nice getting to be with friends, drink good coffee, and get work done at the same time :)

5) I finally tried The Green Chile Kitchen this week, which was nothing short of awesome.  You may recall I love New Mexican food, and this place was pretty authentic!  It will certainly be  a new staple around here.  Also, I want this gate!  Isn’t it great?

6) Yesterday I got some craft time in, so I made this fun little garland for my office–yay bright colors!

I hope your weekend is the best!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Road Trip 2014: Loveland, Colorado

To finish off our trip to Colorado, Colin and I drove up to Loveland to stay with his Aunt and Uncle.  We packed quite a bit into our 2 1/2 days there, and it was so fun!  Also, as you’ll see here, we tried lots of different beers.  I’m usually pretty strictly a wine person, but after trying so many different kinds of beer, I managed to find a few I really liked!  More on that later in the post.

Uncle Terry and Aunt Cindy have a beautiful home that’s only 45 minutes away from the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).  This is convenient, because Aunt Cindy is a pretty serious hiker!  She goes hiking with her friends about as often as I go get coffee with mine :)  We typically spend our visits to Loveland hiking non-stop, but this time we did quite a bit of wandering and relaxing instead.  I guess that means we’ll have to go back even sooner to get some hiking in haha

One of my favorite parts of staying with them is their lovely backyard.  We always eat really delicious food while we enjoy the gorgeous weather and the abundant Aspen trees (my all time favorites)!


For part of our visit, we drove up to Fort Collins to explore!  Apparently part of one of the Disney parks (I don’t know which one as I haven’t been to either) has a section that is designed to look just like downtown Fort Collins–what?!  Awesome.

We started off with a tour of New Belgium Brewery (which is where we tried most of the beer I referred to earlier).  It was so interesting to see how the beer is made, learn about how to properly taste it, and experience what a fun company New Belgium is!  Also, they kind of have a thing for bikes…which Colin and I definitely connected with.




Those barrels used to be for making red wine in France!  Now they’re used to make sour beer…which actually turned out to be my favorite one I tried!  Also, one of the first employees of New Belgium asked for a rock wall to be put in the brewery for his 10 year anniversary of working for the company.  So cool!


I’m pretty sure Fat Tire is the beer New Belgium is known for.  This is Colin’s dad’s favorite, and it’s pretty tasty!


Oh, and when you’ve worked for New Belgium for one year, you get a bike that is specific to that year!  I want to work there!  Well, you know, sort of haha


So the brewery tour was awesome, and after that we walked around downtown.  It was such a cool area!


After wandering, we went back to Loveland to attend the outdoor community concert put on by the Mary Louise Lee Band.  They were so good!  Lots of fun soul music, and it seemed like the whole city of Loveland was there!


The next day (July 4th) we went to RMNP to drive Trail Ridge Road.  I’d never been to this part of the Park before, so it was definitely a great experience!  Basically the road takes you to the highest point in the Park, which is both a terrifying and amazing drive.


This was officially the first time I’ve ever seen snow on the 4th of July!  Also, that’s Colin’s cousin, Adam, up there acting like he conquered the rock (I told him to pose like that haha).


So beautiful, right?!  It was also pretty cold and windy up there.  Colin and I both wore our red, white, and blue, but we had to cover it up to keep warm!


It was pretty busy at the top, so we drove back down some to find a good picnic spot.  It was right by a mountain stream, which was lovely!  Next to Aspen trees, I think rushing rivers are my favorite part of the mountains.


It was a cloudy, rainy day, so before going out to watch fireworks, we played around with Aunt Cindy’s grandfather’s old cameras.  He was friends with Ansel Adams…like they went on trips together.  I know, it’s crazy!


Eventually the rain and clouds cleared up a bit, so we went downtown to watch fireworks and enjoy a community band concert.  Is there a more American experience than that?  Probably not :)


Happy Birthday, America!

Thanks, Uncle Terry and Aunt Cindy, for letting us stay with you and for showing us around!  And thanks to all of you who have relived my vacation with me!  You didn’t even have to be trapped in my living room with an album on your lap as I re-told all the stories :)

Until next time, Colorado!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Road Trip 2014: Montrose, Colorado

Man, do I miss the mountains!  It’s only been a few weeks, but looking back through these photos makes me sad that I no longer have amazing mountain views to gaze at every day.  Oh well, these photos will do for now!

After our time in Durango, Colin and I drove the “million dollar highway” to Montrose, Colorado.  Guys.   Montrose. Wow.

Colin laughs at me because I always talk about how much I’d love to live every place I visit.  I’ve gotten much more realistic about it though, because I realize what makes a home involves a lot more than having a house to live in.  It would hurt so much to leave the people and places and traditions of Oklahoma.  Not to mention, I’ll still have responsibilities wherever I end up–it’s not like those go away when you move to a new place!

Montrose though…I think I could live in Montrose.  I don’t have many photos of the actual town, because we mostly walked around without my camera (sorry!).  Ask me about it the next time you see me though, I mean it!

Anyway, before we got there, we had a very scenic drive!


About 20 minutes outside the town of Montrose is the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park!  That’s where we actually stayed while in the area.  Canyons always blow me away, and this one definitely did not disappoint!  It’s much narrower and steeper than the Grand Canyon, but it’s deep and beautiful.  The landscape around the Black Canyon is pretty crazy too–rolling hills covered in green.  You’d never see it coming if you didn’t know it was there!


No, that’s not our future house up there, it’s the gift shop….

What’s that?  You want to see a photo of the actual canyon?  Right–sorry!


We got to camp under the thickest blanket of stars I have ever seen, and there was a deer right by us basically the whole time we were setting up our campsite!

IMG_2903 copy

Maybe we picked up some coffee while we were in Durango :)



There weren’t quite as many hiking options in the Park as we thought there would be, but we had lots of fun hiking the one by our campsite!  It went along the canyon wall (no steep drop offs, don’t worry), so we had awesome views the whole way.


I know this is the millionth photo of desert sage I’ve posted, but I think it’s the prettiest!



Here are the few photos I took in the actual town of Montrose!  The Daily Bread Bakery was a great place for sandwiches (and a pastry) after our hike.  We also stopped at a tiny pub to watch the last US soccer game of the World Cup!  It was so fun, but also sad :(


We stopped by The Coffee Trader on our way out of town, and I only wish we could have stayed longer!  I quickly decided this place is the Cuppies and Joe or Aspen Coffee of the mountains…which of course means I would live on their front porch if I was anywhere near them on a daily basis.


More photos coming later this week!  Thanks for stopping by!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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