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Friday Phone Dump

“As it turned out, the work I had to do was messy and deep.  I slogged through it until one day, exhausted and with mud still wet and dripping off my traveling shoes, I realized, ‘Oh, my God.  I feel different.  I feel joyful and real.  I’m still afraid, but I also feel really brave.  Something has changed–I can feel it in my bones.'”

Brené Brown// The Gifts of Imperfection

Here’s a two-week phone dump for your viewing pleasure!

04292016 phone dump1

1-2) Colin took off two Fridays ago since he had worked extra that week, and we embraced the free time by going to Waffle Champion!  He had never been there before, so it was high time we went.  Waffles remind me of Leslie Knope these days–which always brings a little extra joy to my day :) In case you’re wondering, I got the “Blueberry Sunrise” which has thyme-blueberry compote and a lemon goat cheese spread, and Colin got the “Waffle French Toast.”  Wow.  So good.  They never disappoint!

04292016 phone dump2
04292016 phone dump3

4-7) We spent the rest of Colin’s day off at the zoo!  It had been 2 years since we last went, so we were due for another visit.  I always love seeing the animals, and walking around in gorgeous weather and my love is pretty amazing too.

04292016 phone dump4

8-9) Taking Bozeman to the lake–his and our new favorite thing :)

10) One of those sunsets that takes your breath away, you know?

04292016 phone dump5

11) I had a shoot in Stillwater the next day, so Colin and Bozeman came with me!  We got to enjoy my favorite food truck (Cafe Bella) at one of our favorite coffee shops (Aspen) while Skyping our friends in England haha


12-13)  Also in Stillwater, we got to go to a puppy birthday party for Opal (my brother’s girlfriend, Lesa’s, dog).  The party was so fun, I’m heartbroken to tell you that earlier this week Opal was hit by a car :'(  We are so so sad to lose this sweet girl, but we’re thankful for the time we got to spend with her.

04292016 phone dump6
04292016 phone dump7

14-17) All the flowers and greenery have been so lush lately, it’s gorgeous.  These are snapshots from walks with Bozeman.

04292016 phone dump8

18-19)  I had my last Changed Retreat as a staff member last weekend!  I’m sad to leave this amazing ministry, but I know this is where I’m supposed to be going.  Anyway, this last retreat was absolutely the best yet, so I have lots of photos to share.  Oakridge Camp is so fun and lovely, as you’ll see in the following photos.  The ones of me were taken by Kourtni.

04292016 phone dump9

20-21) We didn’t zip line, but our friends did!  As you can see, I got lots of photos with my DSLR haha  I feel like that photo captures my current life; photography and yoga :)

04292016 phone dump10
04292016 phone dump11

22-25) During one of our free times I went hiking, and I found thousands and thousands of wildflowers!  Since I already had a braided crown in my hair, I (obviously) decided to weave as many flowers as I could into it.  Gosh, wildflowers are so magical.

04292016 phone dump12
04292016 phone dump13

26-31) After hiking, I had the pleasure of leading these ladies through the confidence course at Oakridge— it’s one of those things that looks really easy until you try it!  They all did amazing, and it was so fun for me to coach them and watch them conquer their fear and doubts.

04292016 phone dump14

32) My gorgeous friend, Simone…she’s really the best!

33) Behind the scenes of me filming my friend, Wendi, perform her spoken word poem that she wrote at the retreat.  That girl is amazing I tell you, I’m just so proud of her!


34) My women’s Lifegroup is spectacular, and if you were only judging by the previous photos, this photo probably looks like I’m still at the Changed Retreat haha  I love getting to meet with these ladies every other week so much–they are such light to me.

04292016 phone dump15

35-36) More lake and Bozeman photos :) we loved the stormy weather we had earlier this week (though we’re hoping tornado season stays away this year).  Bozeman had claimed this pillow by the bookcase as his new favorite spot to cuddle while I work.

04292016 phone dump16

37-38) Lake sunsets are easily my fourth favorite kind of sunsets.  1) Mountain sunsets 2) Ocean sunsets 3) Field sunsets 4) Lake sunsets 5) Storm sunsets

Just in case you were wondering about my full top 5.


39) Lots of people flying over OKC yesterday–this was the view from our backyard.  I wonder where everyone was going?

This weekend we are relaxing on vacation with a few of our friends–I’m definitely looking forward to it!  I hope your weekend is awesome :)




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Styled Bridals: Lavender & The Desert


I just think the desert is so dreamy–most especially I love the high desert of New Mexico!  As I pictured a bridal shoot against the sandy backdrop filled with sage green and pops of gold, I knew I wanted to try something with lavender (the color, not the herb…though that’s great too).  Then I found this skirt and thought of how gorgeous it would look on my friend, Simone, and voilá, this shoot was born!

Despite the fact that it was very cold and windy when we took these, Simone makes the look feel dainty and Spring-like.  I love the idea of a two-toned bridal look!  And Simone is just gorgeous as always :)

Anyway, enough of me rambling, let’s get to the photos:


Simone, you’re a good sport and an incredible friend.  And also a killer model haha

If you need me, I’ll be dreaming of going back to New Mexico all day :)



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Love: Sean & Chelsea

Happy 1st Anniversary to these two wonderful people!

Somehow it’s been a year since Sean and Chelsea got married–so we snapped some anniversary photos at Cuppies a few weeks ago to celebrate.  I love them a lot, and I’m so excited that they’re going to Portland soon for their anniversary trip!  Can’t wait to see photos and live vicariously through their consumption of all the coffee haha


There you have it!  If you’d like to see more photos of S&C, you can see their engagement photos, Chelsea’s bridal photos, and some phone shots from their wedding by clicking on those words you just read :)  They also have a blog, which you can find here!

Happy Monday, all!  Happy Anniversary, Sean & Chelsea!



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Friday Phone Dump

“With golden string
our universe was clothed in light.
Pulling at the seams,
our once barren world now brims with life,
that we may fall in love
every time we open up our eyes.
I guess space, and time,
takes violent things, angry things
and makes them kind.

‘We are the dust of dust.’
‘We are the apple of God’s eye.’
‘We are infinite as the universe we hold inside.'”

Sun // Sleeping at Last

04152016 phone dump1

1-2) Our favorite spot–we had such strong winds this day that the waves were actually a little white-capped!  It made me wish we had a boogie board haha

04152016 phone dump2

3) Spring wildflowers are just great :)

4) My sweet friend, Kristen, told me about a deal through Artifact Uprising where they were offering 25 free prints!  It was the perfect opportunity to print some of our memories from Europe as well as some of our other favorite trips in the past.  If you haven’t tried printing through Artifact Uprising, I would absolutely recommend them–such great quality.

04152016 phone dump3

5) Our power went out during the thunderstorms Sunday night, and since Colin had tons of paperwork he needed to finish, we worked by candlelight at the kitchen table.  I was reading The Fellowship of the Ring and drinking tea, so it was a pretty cool experience actually!

6) Bozeman was curious when I got back in the car after buying STAR WARS EPISODE VII on BluRay haha, I like to think he was pointing out BB-8 on the cover since I joke that he is BB-8 :)  Anyway, we’ve loved watching the special features on the bonus disc!  Such an incredible movie, and my obsession with it makes me feel like a huge nerd…I’m ok with that though.

04152016 phone dump4

7) EEP!  Our yoga studio got some gorgeous Falsa blankets in, and I love them!  As someone who collects these blankets, seeing all the lovely color combinations was a happy moment for me.

8) I’ve been drinking mostly tea rather than coffee for about a year now, but I still love coffee so much.  This week I went to Higher Grounds coffee with my friend, Kourtni, and I got my first latte I’ve had in awhile.  It featured cardamom syrup, and it was fantastic :) (For fellow tea drinkers, they carry an awesome spearmint/lavender herbal tea that is also amazing)

04152016 phone dump5

9-11) I love these ladies!  My womens’ LifeGroup went to a new Mexican Restaurant in OKC called Cultivar, and the words mouth-watering come to mind.  It’s like a really fancy, Chipotle…and it’s just great.  I got a bowl with brown rice, herb roasted mushrooms, arugula, pinto beans, red bell peppers, roasted broccoli, and a huge dollop of guac.  Heart eyes.  Also, I loved that Beth and I were accidentally twinning and I was not paying attention for the photo taken of us hahaha

04152016 phone dump6

12-14) Cloudy vibes have been abundant this week, and I am all about it.  Also, this water was so still (completely opposite from the beginning of the post) I felt like I could run across it to the other side.

This weekend I have a Senior photo shoot, a girls’ night, and a puppy birthday party to attend :)  I hope your weekend is magical!



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