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Friday Phone Dump


04242015 phone dump1

1-2)  My lovely friend and fellow creative, Kourtni, shot some photos of Colin and me this week!  We’ve been wanting some just-for-fun photos, and she’s been wanting to shoot more photos…so it was a win win.  Plus, she did a killer job!  I’ll be sharing them here soon, but for now, here are some phone shots she got that I love :)

04242015 phone dump2
04242015 phone dump3
04242015 phone dump4

4-8)  These are some behind-the-scenes shots from Sean and Chelsea’s rehearsal dinner and wedding!  It was so much fun!

9)  My favorite coffee shop.

04242015 phone dump5

10-11)  One of my dearest friends, Rachel, got engaged to her sweet guy (and also one of my oldest friends), Derek, on Sunday!  I got to be the hidden photographer, and it was all perfect.  Please look at the place where he proposed!  God has blessed me big through these two, and I can’t wait for their wedding in October!

04242015 phone dump6

12-13)  Kourtni took me on a little adventure to her hometown so we could scout some locations for photos.  It was thundering and raining the whole time we were out, but we still had lots of fun!

This weekend, Colin and I will be in Austin, TX!  I’ll try to Instagram some while we’re there, but mostly we’ll be relaxing and enjoying the city.  I think it’s the best thing that ever happened to Texas…but maybe that’s just me haha

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Engagement: Sean & Chelsea

If you’ve been following this blog for the past few weeks (or months)…or if you follow me on Instagram at all, you’ve probably caught on to the fact that one of my bests, Chelsea, got married this weekend!  Normally I would show you her bridal portraits today, but since we only took them a week ago, I haven’t had time to edit them yet.  Patience, my friends.

I am, however, so excited to finally show you you Sean and Chelsea’s engagement photos!  I don’t know if I’ve ever witnessed two people more excited to get married (although, Ostin and Bethany were close contenders).  They are so in love, and on top of that, they are some of the most photogenic people I know.  They make my job easy.

For their shoot, we wandered around some of their favorite spots in OKC.  First up, Coffee Slingers!


What’s a date if you don’t do some slow dancing on ShopGood’s porch?


Stopping for breakfast at Kitchen 324…my favorite!


A walk around Plenty.


Cuppies and Joe, of course.


We all know I love a good rooftop dance party :)  This one was at Packard’s!


Sean and Chelsea, I hope you’re enjoying the beach right now!  I’m so happy for you, and I love you both!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Cayley M - Those rooftop shots… Gorgeous!!April 23, 2015 – 4:54 PM

Friday Phone Dump

04172015 phone dump1

1) Chelsea and Sean are getting married tomorrow!  I can’t believe it’s already here, and I’m so excited to stand by her side as she marries her love :)  We had a dreamy bridal shoot this week that involved a flower crown and sunrise light sooo what could be better?

2) Lake escapes are the best.

04172015 phone dump2

3-4) Colin and I went to Mcalester this weekend to do a photo shoot for my gorgeous little, Sarah, and her husband!  We were charmed by that little town for sure, and Sarah and Jake were lovely models :)

04172015 phone dump4

5)  Colin and I had a relaxing day for the first time in awhile, which involved hazelnut coffee, chocolate chip waffles, and a lot Real Simple magazine reading.  It was just what we needed since we’ve been so busy!

6)  Beth and I got pedicures this week so we could look nice for Chelsea’s wedding–yay!

04172015 phone dump3

7-8)  Our friends, Jamie and Stephanie, had this sweet baby boy 2 weeks ago, and I got to take his newborn photos this week!  He is so cute.  I mean, look at that bow tie.

04172015 phone dump5

9-10)  My lovely friend, Kelsey, has been in OKC for the past few weeks for her rotations for PT school!  We hadn’t really gotten the chance to catch up since she’s been here, and she only has a couple of weeks left.  So, naturally, we went to Syrup for our catch up date.

04172015 phone dump6

11)  Porch sits with my sweet friend, Kourtni.

12) We’ve had a lot of rain recently, so this sunny moment in Automobile Ally was a nice surprise!

This weekend I have Chelsea’s wedding!  I can’t wait!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Wedding: Alex & Hilary

Wow.  Where to begin with these two?  Alex and Hilary are absolutely one-of-a-kind in the way that makes you a little sad because you wish that more people in the world were like them.  They are constantly giving and loving and pouring out their hearts for the people they love.  They bring joy everywhere they go, and when they listen to you they really listen.

You may remember Hilary (and her gorgeous dress) from her bridal portraits I posted last Fall.  Believe it or not, that’s when I met her!  That was one of the best parts of getting to work with Alex and Hilary for me–everyone they meet is instantly a dear friend.

I’ve never seen a wedding so simply done yet so unbelievably elegant.  I’ve rarely seen a couple so deeply in love with God that it eclipses only their love for each other.  Cheers, Alex & Hilary–your wedding was a great one!


*Sigh*  I’ll be looking back through these over and over all day!  Haha  Happy Wednesday, friends!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Friday Phone Dump

I turned 25 this week, so, of course, there’s a Bittersweet quote for that :)

I know that age is, of course, one of the most arbitrary ways of measuring a person […]  Age, like numbers on a scale and letters on a report card, tells us very little of who we are.  You decide every year exactly how young and how old you want to be.  When you’re twenty-five-ish, you’re old enough to know what kind of music you love, regardless of what your last boyfriend or roommate always used to play.  You know how to walk in heels, how to tie a necktie, how to give a good toast at a wedding, and how to make something for dinner.  You don’t have to think much about skin care, home ownership, or your retirement plan.  

Your life can look a lot of different ways when you’re twenty-five: single, dating, engaged, married.  You are working in dream jobs, pay-the-bills jobs, and downright horrible jobs.  You are young enough to believe that anything is possible, and you’re old enough to make that belief a reality.  […]

Stop every once in a while and go out to coffee or climb in bed with your journal.  Ask yourself some good questions like, Am I proud of the life I’m living?  What have I tried this month?  What have I learned about God this year?  What parts of my childhood faith am I leaving behind, and what parts am I choosing to keep with me for this leg of the journey?  Do the people I’m spending time with give me life, or make me feel small?  Is there any brokenness in my life that’s keeping me from moving forward? […]

Now is your time.  Become, believe, try.  Walk closely with people you love, and with other people who believe that God is very good and life is a grand adventure.  Don’t spend time with people who make you feel like less than you are.  Don’t get stuck in the past, and don’t try to fast-forward yourself into a future you haven’t yet earned.  Give today all the love and intensity and courage you can, and keep traveling honestly along life’s path.

Shauna Niequist

04102015 phone dump1

1) For my birthday, we went to Bellini’s to celebrate!  Thank you so much to everyone who sent me kind words and sweet gifts!  Birthdays are super humbling experiences for me–so much that I don’t deserve.

2) This weekend I was in Stillwater for one of the quicker trips I’ve ever taken there, but I definitely made a point to stop at one of my favorite food trucks because…falafel.  YUM!

04102015 phone dump2

3)  Cuppies and tea :) I’m telling you, they has the most beautiful light!

4) Quick lake breaks are necessary during busy seasons–this one was especially good.

04102015 phone dump3

5-6)  My mom took me to breakfast at Kitchen 324 for my birthday–tea and chocolate croissants forever!

04102015 phone dump4

7-8)  Also for my birthday (soooo many birthday things!  yay!), my Bible Study went to dinner on Lake Hefner!  We watched the sunset while we finished our conversation, and it was lovely.  That’s me on the left doing a wobbly dancer pose on a rock, and my friend, Rachel, on the right being her wonderful goofy self haha

04102015 phone dump5

9) Brian hurt his shoulder, and my friend Kelsey (who’s studying to be a physical therapist) instructed him to lift 3lb weights a few times a day.  While at our house, he didn’t have any 3lb weights…so he used my jars of brown rice and salt instead haha

10) Our friends, Sean and Kristen, are getting married in September!  As they live in Madison, WI, we’re planning a trip to visit them this summer!  I’ll take their engagement photos while we’re in Madison, then we’ll all head to Chicago for the 4th of July…wow I can’t wait!  We’ve been Skyping with Sean and Kristen when we can, and this was a moment right after Sean told a funny joke to everyone.  I don’t remember what it was, but clearly it was hilarious judging by everyone’s faces.

This weekend I have an event through the yoga studio and a photo shoot–woo!

Happy weekend!

His truly,

Mary O.

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