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Bridals: Allie Rene


Ok, I just have to say that I’m really excited to show you Allie’s bridal portraits!  This lovely lady married her best friend just over a week ago, and it was so beautiful to watch.  Jacob and Allie are such a Christ-honoring, servant-hearted couple, and seeing them tie the knot was truly a blessing!  We went to college with both Jacob and Allie, but Allie and I had the pleasure of working together on our senior project (which was awesome…seriously).  As you can see here, Allie is gorgeous!  She’s goofy, stylish, kind, and generous too :)

We got plenty of great shots on this shoot, but in case you can’t tell, my favorites are the ones with Allie’s fabulous teal necklace!  Work it, girl.



Happy brides are the prettiest ones, and Allie is no exception!  I loved getting to capture her joy and excitement before her wedding day.  Also, shout out to the sunshine that made these photos even better!

His Truly,

Mary O.

Dress // Moiliere Bridal

Veil // Moiliere Bridal

Pearl Necklace // Allie’s Grandmother’s

Teal Necklace // Stein Mart

Hair // Angela Hamilton

Make-up // MAC Salon at Quail Springs Mall

Flowers // Handmade by me (Mary O.)

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Friday Phone Dump

I’ve found myself going back through my photos every week and thinking “wow, that was less than a week ago?”  Time is both flying by and creeping along.  I’m sure you can relate to the feeling!

41814 phone dump

1) Anthropologie had a special birthday event for April birthdays, so Colin’s stepmom took me shopping for my birthday!  How cute is this table they had set up?!  It was complete with lemonade in mason jars, handmade paper “happy birthday” magnets (mine is looking pretty on our fridge right now), fresh flowers, and balloons!  Gotta love Anthro.

2) I got to enjoy a coffee with my friend Rachel at Evoke in Edmond.  I love that place so much, and I love Rachel!  Needless to say, it was a lovely morning.

3) Uhm, we have lovely purple tulips blooming in our garden!  I love that even though we haven’t planted anything, we have flowers that bloom at different parts of the warm months every year.  It’s a great surprise!

4) Colin and I went to 2 weddings this weekend–this is from the photo booth at Allie and Jacob’s wedding.  We went to college with them, and their wedding was tons of fun and so sweet!  Also, we’re starting the tradition of photo booths with Bethany and Ostin at weddings we go to together.  I love it!

5) My childhood friend, Kristen, also got married this weekend!  It was so great to get to see her marry her best friend since I haven’t gotten to see her in so long.  Congratulations Jake and Kristen!

6) Colin and I had a relaxing afternoon on Sunday, and while I was reading my book in the living room, he brought me this coffee with a cookie on top.  What a winner :)

7) Storm season is coming!  I love the look of sunshine contrasted with the dark dark clouds.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally hate tornados, but this can also be a beautiful time of year!

8) I took a break from editing the other day to read outside–it was awesome!  Also, I would highly recommend this book.  Shout out to my friend Alison for giving it to me!  Seriously, if you like food at all you should read it.  The author writes so beautifully about what it means to eat together and nourish those we love.  Lovely.

9) My mom and I are throwing a shower for Bethany next week (her wedding is so soon. so soon!), so I’ve been crafting away :)

This weekend we have lots of Easter services at church, so Colin and I will be there helping!  The tomb is empty!  He’s alive!  Yay!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Wedding: Ethan & Payton

Today is a great day, because today you get to see Ethan and Payton’s wedding!

I really can’t say enough good things about this couple and family.  I was blessed to work with them for Payton’s sister, Ashley’s wedding a year and a half ago, so I already knew how fun and wonderful they were.  Needless to say I was thrilled when Payton called me about shooting her wedding!  Ethan and Payton are both great people, easygoing, goofy, and so in love.  We got some rain on their wedding day, but that didn’t stop any of the fun!  Check out Payton’s adorable umbrella photos toward the middle of the post.

Oh, and if you’re not obsessed with Ethan’s daughter (aka the flower girl) by the end of this then there is something wrong with you.  She is precious!



I mean seriously…


Ethan and Payton chose not to see each other before their ceremony, but I love the hand hold around the corner that they chose to do instead!



I know I know, Payton’s gorgeous and adorable.  Right!?



Also, shout out to them for making a church gym look amazing as a reception venue!


Twinkle lights and mini-cakes for the win.


Ethan & Payton,

Thanks for letting me be such a big part of your wedding day!  You guys are great :)

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Friday Phone Dump

This week was an eventful one, but it was also one full of reflecting and looking forward for me.  I’m also feeling pretty old since I turned 24 on Sunday!  Just kidding about the feeling old part, but I am realizing how quickly time passes these days!

41114 phone dump

1) What a cutie :) Colin and I went to Pie Junkie for their Friday date night special.  You get 2 coffees and a mini pie for really cheap.  We ended up getting there really late though, and they were out of the mini pies!  Still, we split a slice of peanut butter pie and got 2 coffees anyway.  The best part (other than that peanut butter pie..hello)?  The sweet older couple in line ahead of us paid for our order!  I almost cried–so sweet!

2) Our redbud tree is in full bloom and I love it!  So dreamy despite my allergies :)

3) I finally got to visit Hoboken Coffee Roasters in Guthrie!  Chelsea Thompson and I had a morning coffee date there and it was the best thing ever.  Colin and I still have a free coffee on the wall there (thanks, Brian!) but since he wasn’t with me this time I decided to wait before I redeemed mine.

4) For my birthday (in addition to the Pie Junkie date night) Colin took me to the OKC Museum of Art!  The last time we had been was our senior year of high school, so a visit was long overdue.  I loved the Ansel Adams exhibit they had–so inspiring and humbling!  I also loved this installation by Lisa Hoke.  Like, it left me breathless.  She made the whole installation out of packaging from products we all use.  I can’t even explain the power of it.  In the pamphlet about the exhibit, Lisa had this quote: ” I cannot help but see the sad excess in this bounty.  And I cannot resist now the desire to construct this regurgitated mirror of what I see in every store, every block, every house, pantry, closet.  My own appetite insatiable to possess this stuff, even digging through trash bags on the street.”  Woah.

5) Our Lifegroup had a dinner in our backyard as a sort of birthday celebration/fun dinner on Sunday.  It was raining all day, so Colin and Brian and I spent a loooooong time rigging a tarp up over our backyard tables.  Add some twinkle lights, succulents, and BBQ, and you have a party :)

6) My friends were so sweet and got me so many flowers as a birthday gift!  I can’t ever keep the flowers around for too long though because my whole face swells up and it’s a mess….allergies.  Aren’t the flowers so lovely though?

7) I got to read most of the book Freefall to Fly by Rebekah Lyons this week before we had to take it back to the library.  It was so inspiring, and I would highly recommend it!

8) This week I was blessed with the opportunity to shoot an event for the Oklahoma Venture Forum at the Governor’s Mansion!  I loved that the swimming pool was shaped like the state of OK…and the panhandle is a hot tub…WHAT?!  I know, right?  Awesome.

9) I rearranged a few of the decorations around here during some downtime this week, and now this little photo string hangs right above my desk :)

Happy Weekend!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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Hello, Spring!

I’ve been realizing lately how much I love seasons!  Maybe it started when I was a kid and my mom would always redecorate for every season whenever the first hints of it showed up?  Or maybe it comes from the part of me that knows change is necessary and awesome even though it can mean endings and facing new challenges and all of that.  I think seasons are a cool way that God shows us the benefits of change every year.  There is something awesome to be celebrated about each season…

Spring: sunshine, rain, flowers everywhere, birds and butterflies, bike rides, warm breezes, new beginnings, etc

Summer: more sunshine, green everywhere, swimming, road trips, longer days, BBQs, sundresses, etc

Fall: cool breezes, coffee shops, scarves, crunchy leaves, colorful trees everywhere, pumpkin everything, slowing down, hammock reading, etc

Winter: snow, Christmas, twinkle lights everywhere, coats, presents, beautiful skies, etc

There are also things about every season that make me want to pull my hair out…

Spring: bugs, allergies, tornados, allergies, spazzy weather, allergies, etc

Summer: heat, sweat, bugs, sunburns, swimsuits, sweat, etc

Fall: allergies, Halloween…(ok those are the only downsides to Fall for me)

Winter: windy cold, no colors, people complaining about cold when they refuse to buy/wear a jacket, etc

Maybe you relate to me, maybe you’re wondering why I even took the time to write all that.  Either way, in my excitement about Spring being here, I decided to bring you a few photos of moments I captured in our backyard.  I’ve always been the person that got stupid-excited about weeds growing in the grass just because of the colors they bring along with them.  So, without further adieu, here are some weeds and blossoms and sunshine for your enjoyment.

Happy Spring!




Soak up some sunshine this week!

His Truly,

Mary O.

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